UPDATE - February 25, 2023:

Molly delivered eleven puppies on Saturday, Feb 25. 

Puppies will be available for their forever homes within 7-8 weeks (after April 15). 

We are currently asking $1,000 for the girls and $900 for the boys.

Check out our Photo Gallery for regular pictures of the litter. 

Photo Gallery


Adoption Form

We are now reviewing our waiting list and collecting down-payments. 

To get on the list for Molly's litter of purebred golden retrievers, please read the Adoption Policy below and then go to the Adoption Form link provided. We will contact you and begin the process. At that time, a 50% deposit will be required to hold the puppy. The remaining balance will be due at time of pickup/delivery. 

Adoption Policy

We feel that the correct placement of our puppies is important. We want to be assured that Molly's puppies are best suited to you and your home environment. We therefore reserve the right to refuse any adoption.

Puppies will be lovingly nurtured by our family and Molly. They will receive a lot of socialization. They will have their DAP vaccination and two de-wormings. Starting at about 6 weeks, the puppies learn some good life lessons from mom. For this reason, we recommend the puppies leave at 8 weeks (we do not let puppies go before 7 weeks).

Our litters are AKC registered as a Limited Registration (non-breeding). You will receive some papers to finalize your puppy's registration if you wish. All of our puppies must be spayed or neutered, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Please fill out the ADOPTION FORM to be added to our list. 

Adoption Form

For more information, text, call, or email, Dennis Ryckman, 605-222-7713, dennis@factor360.com


Parents of the Puppies

Molly and Koda are now 4 years-old. They are both AKC registered golden retrievers. They are both healthy, agile, and loving. Molly is a lighter cream color. She loves attention, is a great family dog, and comes from a strong hunting background. Koda is a darker color. He has a mild manner and is an excellent hunting dog. His picture was after a haircut.


Puppy Care and Training

When bringing home your puppy, it is good to plan ahead and be prepared. To help you decide what items you should have before your puppy comes home, here is a link: https://goldenhearts.co/golden-retriever-puppy-starter-kit/

 Puppies are much easier to train than adult dogs. 

Start training your puppy right away. 

Feeding your golden retriever: https://dogfoodsmart.com/how-much-to-feed-golden-retriever-puppy/

Golden Retriever Facts:

  • Golden Retrievers are well known as intelligent, kind, and friendly family pets. 
  • The lifespan of a Golden Retriever is about 10 – 12 years. 
  • They are the third most popular dog breed in the US

  • They are often used as guide dogs due to their friendliness towards people, eagerness to learn/please and their gentleness. 

  • Golden Retrievers were originally bred as gun dogs to retrieve shot waterfowl during hunting and shooting parties – hence the name ‘retriever’.

  • They’re also often used in police units as drug detection dogs because of their outstanding sense of smell.

  •  Golden Retrievers have a two-layer coat. The topcoat being water-resistant and wavy, whilst the undercoat is soft and keeps them cool/warm throughout the seasons. This kind of coat comes in handy, as they are known to absolutely love swimming!


Training Puppies

Here is a great website you will want to check out regarding training puppies.  All About Training Goldens.