Brief History: Pheasant Run Tree Farm was established in 2003 as we began to visualize the opportunities for our acreage a couple miles north of Pierre. The valley to the north of our home was some of the richest soil in Hughes County, according the soil maps, and the property came with a well as a water source. With a lot of work and thousands of trees planted, the business began to "grow". 

Our Customers: Most of our orders have come from new developments and rural homes that have popped up all over Hughes County.

Owners: Dennis and Carolyn Ryckman (and family) have been in Pierre since 1986 and have been active members in the community and their Church (Faith Ev. Lutheran). They also raise beef and fatten them for sale to local residents that have a love for fresh quality beef (RyckmanFarm.com). Their children have all been home schooled and are active helpers on the farm. The Ryckman's primary business is a web and programming shop in Pierre called Factor 360, Inc.

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